Fitter is one of the basic  course of Engineering.Fitter  Fits and assembles structural frameworks and housings from materials, such as angle iron, I-beams, and plate steel, using hand tools and welding equipment and following blueprint specifications ,Examines blueprints and materials list to obtain parts specifications.Tack-welds scrap metal to outline to provide jig for assembly. Positions parts in jig and files, chisels, and grinds parts, as indicated, to fit them together. All factories and engineering workshops require a fitter ,Hence career opportunities   are immense in this field.


An electrician is a trades person specializing in electrical  wiring of buildings, stationary machines and related equipment. Electricians may be employed in the installation of new electrical components or the maintenance and repair of existing electrical infrastructure.Electricians may also specialize in wiring ships, airplanes, and other mobile platforms also data and cable. We know that electricity is one of the important thing in our life. so the importance of an electrician is also increasing. Course aims to give knowledge about Electric Generator ,Motor ,House Wiring, Industrial wiring, Re-paring electrical appliances ,Motor windings ,testing and experimenting with electrical meters and cathode ray

On completion of the course the trainee shall have through knowledge of generation, transmission and distribution line, overhead different types of insulators. Earthing used in substation, power station, lighting arrestor, reactor, and different types of capacitors in AC/DC circuit used in electronic and electrical installation in industries. Construction of different types of batteries and electrolytes used in it, he shall able to prepare and repair batteries in workshop. Servicing and repairing of table fan, ceiling fan, exhaust fan, hair dryer, mixer, liquidizer, grinder, water pump, washing machine, AC/DC generator, transformers, electromagnetic clutches and relays used in AC/DC circuit. He shall be able to, design prepare HT/CT panel boards used for industries / workshop. Detect Fault in different types of AC and DC starter and motor timer used in factories and workshop and take up maintenance of machinery like lathe, machine, milling machine, capson lathe, CNC machine, Connect different types of measuring instrument on the panel boards. He shall be an expert in hand winding and machine winding of transformers, field coils of DC motors, rewinding of armature stator winding bell/Buzzer/NVC, OLC of DC starter.

Options for employment are :
Can work as a lineman / Wireman /maintenance electrician electrical supervisor / electrical contractor / service technician/expert re-winder/ lab technician /electrical maintenance Forman in Private Industries and Govt. Sector.

Options for self-employment are :
He can be a contractor of domestic wiring and industrial wiring and disco lighting in five star hotels. He shall be able to run his own electrical workshop and take up oil filtration of transformer on lines. Setup own shop for rewinding of different types of AC/DC motors, generator & transformers, Panel board wiring, bus bar wiring and measuring instrument wiring.


After completion of this course the trainee shall acquire the skill of Planning, drawing, estimating, and costing of civil work. Drawing plans by using AutoCAD. Making of 3D models of civil work. Giving lineout at site, supervision of civil work etc.

Options for employment are :Immense opportunities are waiting  for trainees who complete this course in Building  construction firms , PWD, Kerala water authority , Periyar valley irrigation project, Flat construction, House plan ,estimate and supervision.
Employment opportunities for trainee from this trade as Draftsman, Surveyor and Land Surveyor shall be available in Central & State Government Departments. Ammonia Printer in Railways, C.P.W.D. Military, TCP, P.D.A., P.W.D., HUDA, Housing Board, Land Survey.
Private sector opportunities shall be as Draftsman, Construction Supervisor with Architect, Civil Engineer, and Civil Contractor, Builders.

Options for self-employment are :The Trainee shall be able to independently undertake planning, drawing, estimation & costing and supervision of civil construction work. He can set up his own office for above work and also to supply Civil Construction material/

After completion of Mech. Motor Vehicle trade course, the trainee shall be an expert in servicing, repairing and major overhauling of motor vehicle like Scooter/Motor Cycle, Cars, Trucks & Buses etc. Maintain all types of vehicles by attending to periodical maintenance work of suspensions, transmission, brakes, steering work, basic electrical and electronics work etc. Fault diagnosis in petrol/diesel engines including MPFI engine, engine fitted with turbocharger, engine scanning, car A/C system and different relay operations. Road testing of vehicle for fault finding.

Options for employment are :In Automobile Industries he can work in assembly shop, Engine shop, Final inspection, Maintenance, Servicing and R&D Department. Work as a Mechanic in reputed workshop/Service Centre,Work as a Driver

Options for self-employment are :Start his own workshop/Service StationSpare Parts ShopTyre, Tube repair shop,Battery repair shop,Auto Electrician


Lift mechanics assemble, install, adjust, maintain and repair electric and hydraulic freight and passenger lifts and escalators.Lift mechanics may perform the following tasks: study drawings and lay out the position of steelwork, guide rails, motors, pumps and cylinders ,install lift guide rails and check that they are correctly aligned,install cables, counterweights, pumps, motor foundations, escalator drives, lift cars, doors, entrance frames and safety and control devices,test and adjust assemblies, including cables, wiring and electric controls, and adjust safety devices such as brakes and speed governors,carry out regular maintenance programs on lifts and escalators,use laptop computers in the field for tuning and diagnostic work in fault finding,find the causes of faults in motors, brakes, switches and electrical and electronic control systems,repair hydraulic or mechanical brakes by adjusting or replacing valves, ratchets, seals and brake linings connect electrical wiring to control panels and electric motors

A Lot of employment opportunities for Lift mechanics both in india and abroad.NSSITI is one of the 3  institutes in kerala  which  having NCVT Certification for this course.Our former student  Lalmon TV  secured  rank in AITT –  13