Mechanic Motor Vehicle

After completion of Mech. Motor Vehicle trade course, the trainee shall be an expert in servicing, repairing and major overhauling of motor vehicle like Scooter/Motor Cycle, Cars, Trucks & Buses etc. Maintain all types of vehicles by attending to periodical maintenance work of suspensions, transmission, brakes, steering work, basic electrical and electronics work etc. Fault diagnosis in petrol/diesel engines including MPFI engine, engine fitted with turbocharger, engine scanning, car A/C system and different relay operations. Road testing of vehicle for fault finding.

Options for employment are :In Automobile Industries he can work in assembly shop, Engine shop, Final inspection, Maintenance, Servicing and R&D Department. Work as a Mechanic in reputed workshop/Service Centre,Work as a Driver

Options for self-employment are :Start his own workshop/Service StationSpare Parts ShopTyre, Tube repair shop,Battery repair shop,Auto Electrician